ServPro warranty repair services are strategically provided nationwide, reflecting ServPro’s commitment to excellent service and operational processes.

ServPro works with manufacturers and customers to provide the best warranty terms possible. As an Authorized Service Agent, ServPro provides warranty services, return material authorization (RMA) processing and administrative services; ServPro has expert troubleshooting capabilities, ECO upgrading and component level repairs. All repairs are made in a clean, static-free environment to ensure quality and reliability.

Help Desk

Call center with response times of less than an hour Preliminary fault diagnosis using dedicated systems

Logistics Services

Customer Reception One-way parts delivery Pre-replacement with replacement devices Inventory handling, Fast delivery management times, pro forma invoice and other documents

Stock Management

Warehouse Services, Designated Customer Areas, Spare Parts Management, Just In Time Spare parts control Inventory and grout parts inventory Return processes to RTV supplier


Management of DAO responsibilities and letters of credit


Module-level repair and cleaning Component-level repair and cleaning Burn-in diagnostics and quality assurance, Waste processing processes, Operating System As new Sort/NFT, Upgrading boards ECN/FCO, On-site repair service, Response time between 2-14 business days (TAT)

Additional services

Customer Order Information - All the information you need to fulfill orders

Inventory information - Inventory information at any time.

Serial number information – Reporting serial number information for shipped products toward updating the warranty entitlement database.

Quality and metrics reports - All necessary reports for quality and service level follow up.

Customer order status – Electronic status updates on any customer order.