1. General

1.1  This website, which is operated at the address https://srvpro.com/ (hereinafter: 'the website' or 'the website'), is operated and managed by SrvPro Ltd. H.P. 512684184 (hereinafter: 'SrvPro' or ' the company')

1.2  The purpose of this privacy policy is to specify the manner in which the company collects information on and/or about the users of its services, as defined below, as well as how and for what purposes the company collects such information. The document is written in the masculine language for convenience only but refers to both genders equally.

1.3  The terms of the privacy policy listed below are an integral part of the terms of use. The company may change from time to time the privacy policy and the terms of use, together or separately, so that they reflect technological, business, legal or regulatory changes. Updates to the aforementioned privacy policy will be published in this document, which will be found in its updated form on the website.

1.4  Before using the company's services, please make sure that you have read the terms of the privacy policy carefully and that you understand them. Your use of the company's services, including browsing the website, will be considered an explicit and informed consent on your part to all the terms, conditions and notices included in the privacy policy. If you do not agree to the terms of the privacy policy, all, or some of them, do not use the company's services, including browsing the website.

  1. Definitions

2.1 The law – any regulation that applies or may apply to the company on privacy issues.

2.2 The services or 'the company's services – all the services granted to the user through the company, both services that involve the provision of information and services that do not involve the provision of information, including browsing the website.

2.3 Personal information – means any data or information that you provide to the company proactively on the website in accordance with the purpose of your referral to the company, which identifies or allows you to be identified personally (such as your name, your email address, your social security number, the details of the necessary device amendment, etc.), as well as any information that constitutes 'information' and/or 'sensitive information' as defined by law.

2.4 Anonymous information – means statistical information, which does not identify or make it possible to identify the user personally, which is linked to the end device on which the user uses the website (such as the way the website is used, the user's browser type, the date and time the user entered the website, etc.).

2.5 You' or 'User – any person who uses the company's services (as defined above), including using a computer and/or other end device for any purpose.


  1. Collection of personal information

As part of using the services, you may be required to provide and the company may collect personal information from you or about you through various technological means. The type of personal information you provide and/or will be collected by us may change, depending on the reason and/or purpose for which you contact us.

It is clarified that you are not obliged to provide these details by law, and their delivery depends only on your free will and consent, in order to receive the requested company services. However, the delivery of some of them is obliged to provide you with the services requested by you, some or all of them.

By actually using and providing information to the company, you hereby declare and undertake, as follows: (a) The personal information you provide on the website is correct, accurate and the information provided is provided only on your behalf and for yourself. You are aware that knowingly providing incorrect or false information may amount to a criminal offense; (b) You hereby grant to the company an irrevocable, non-exclusive, non-time-limited right of use, without consideration or any right to receive royalties, transferable, to make any use of the information as specified in the terms of use and the privacy policy, subject to any law and at the discretion of the company, without obtaining additional permission for this and without having any claim and/or financial and/or other demand and/or any claim in connection with the above-mentioned right of use.

3.1   Personal information within the services

3.1.1   In order to carry out operations on the website, you will be required to provide various types of personal information, such as: full name, phone number, address, e-mail address, ways of contacting you, residential address, details of the electrical device you purchased, etc.

3.1.2  Personal information that you provide as part of submitting various requests to use the company's services (including by filling out forms): The personal information that you will be required to provide may vary depending on the nature of the operation that you request to perform through the company. For example, actions related to opening a service call will require you, among other things, to provide details about your address.

3.1.3  Additional information about you may be collected and stored as part of the use of the services, for example: correspondence with representatives and/or with automatic representatives, personal content, chat as well as any information related to your use of the services, for the purpose of their activation and in accordance with your request.

3.2  Personal information you provide about another person. To the extent that within the framework of the services you are required to provide information about another person, you declare and undertake that you are authorized and have the required consents according to any law to provide the company with his personal information for the purposes of the uses that the company makes of such information according to this privacy policy.


3.3  Use of personal information

In accordance with the law, you know and you give your informed consent that the company receives and collects the personal information about you for the following purposes and uses (as may be updated from time to time):

3.3.1  Use of information for the purpose of providing service, improving, managing and operating the services offered to you, establishing contact with you, making decisions regarding you or others, including in matters of preventing misuse, preventing fraud and/or other illegal activity, securing the services, operational purposes, Risk assessment and management.

3.3.2  Whenever you have tried to register on the website in order to use our services and this attempt has failed, the company will be entitled to contact you in order to help solve any problem encountered in the registration process.

3.3.3  For direct mail purposes: the company may use, process, optimize and enrich the above information, including through an information provider, for the purposes of management, optimization, adjustment and marketing of the company's services and products, among other things by creating a characterization about you, including by offering Marketing offers that are personalized for you, as well as making use of statistical data, as specified in section 5 below.

3.3.4  The company may send you operational and/or service messages and alerts in various ways, including via e-mail or via text messages, such as a message containing information about the repair status.

3.3.5 As long as you have given your consent to this, the company will be entitled to contact you, including by sending advertising mail, and offer you offers, benefits and promotions, in connection with its products and services, through e-mail, text messages, telephone or other means. You can request to remove your details from the distribution of marketing inquiries in general by sending a request titled 'Removal request', to the email address pratiyut@srvpro.com and/or by using the remove button in the body of the text.

3.3.6 As soon as you have made a 'removal' request as stated in section 3.3.5 above, Sarv Pro Ltd. will delete only the information required to contact you for the purpose of marketing communication, while the rest of the information you shared with us required to provide you with the service will continue to be stored as described in this policy .

  1. Transfer of information to third parties

The company may transfer information about you to third parties, from time to time, in several cases, as detailed below, and/or in any other case where a transfer is required, including the transfer of information outside the borders of Israel:

4.1 In the context of activity with third parties in order to complete the actions requested by you and/or when required for the operation of the services, including a cloud service provider; In this framework, it is expected that information must also be provided to any other party involved in the repair of the device, including the manufacturer.

4.2 In the context of outsourcing the company's activity and/or receiving services from various suppliers, including computing and software services, data processing and cloud etc.

4.3 In the framework of his activity with business related companies, for the stated purposes of use and permitted according to any law, for the provision of the services.

4.4 The company shall be entitled to transfer personal information to competent authorities in Israel or outside Israel and/or pursuant to a court order and/or insofar as this is required for the purpose of protecting the rights of the company and its assets and/or insofar as the delivery of such information is required by any law.

4.5 Without detracting from all of the aforementioned, the company will be entitled to transfer anonymous information to third parties as specified in section 5 below, without limitation. Since this is information that does not identify you personally, you release the company from any claim and/or demand and/or claim against the company because of this.

4.6 You are aware that information may be transferred to third parties located outside of Israel, including to countries that provide less protection for privacy than the protection granted according to the laws of the State of Israel. By actually using the company's services you give your informed consent to it in accordance with the conditions detailed in this policy document.

4.7 The company undertakes that the transfer of information to third parties will be limited only to the purposes listed in this policy and only to the extent and extent required by the company's discretion.

4.8 The company will take adequate efforts to ensure that the recipients of the information will be subject to a duty of confidentiality and information security in relation to the information, according to any law. Nevertheless, the user declares and agrees that the company cannot guarantee absolute immunity against unauthorized intrusion into the site and/or prohibited use by third parties of the user's details and information about him kept by the company, and the company will not be responsible for any damage caused by unauthorized intrusion and/or use Prohibited as stated.

  1. Collection of anonymous information

5.1 When you use the website, the company collects information sent to it by the computer, mobile phone or other device you use for the purpose of using the website, which is anonymous information, that is – which does not identify you personally and cannot be associated with you.


5.2 The anonymous information sent to us may include, among others: data on the pages visited by users, device type, computer and connection details, network details for mobile devices, statistical data on page views, interface language, traffic to and from the site, URL address from which the surfer reached the site and so'.


5.3 The company analyzes and makes use of anonymous information by itself or through someone on its behalf for the purposes listed below (as and as they change from time to time): (a) evaluating the way users use the website for the purpose of managing, improving and promoting the website; (b) fault correction; (c) improving the experience of using the website; (d) analysis and segmentation of browsing patterns on the website; (e) adjusting advertisement ads according to browsing habits; (f) any other lawful purpose as deemed appropriate.


5.4 The company will be entitled to transfer anonymous information to third parties acting on its behalf for the purpose of realizing the above goals, and for any other legal purpose as it deems appropriate. Since this is information that does not identify the user personally, the user hereby waives any claim and/or claim and/or demand against the company in connection with the aforementioned.


  1. Cookies

6.1 Cookies are text files that the user's browser creates according to a command from the company's computers. Some cookies will expire when you close the browser or the relevant application, and others are saved on the memory of your device or computer.


6.2 For your information, in order to provide some of the services, the company uses software that accumulates information, such as cookies, for example – pixels, tags (hereinafter collectively referred to by the generic name 'cookies' and/or 'cookies') for the purpose of regular and proper functioning, for the purpose of securing the data therein and the information provided, including This is to collect statistical data about the use of the services, to make decisions regarding the services and/or your activity, to verify details and identification, to prevent fraud and scams, to improve the browsing experience, while adapting the content and services to your personal preferences, to characterize the products that are suitable for you, to adapt the relevant advertisements for you To you, even when browsing other websites, all for statistical, research, marketing and commercial purposes, and of course for information security needs.


6.3 The cookies contain and collect a variety of information such as the pages you visited, the length of time you spent on the website and/or the application, where you came to the website and/or the page, your IP address, the characteristics of your device, and information you will request to see when entering the website, etc. Cookies can also store information about your browsing habits on other websites, including the websites you browsed, the pages on the websites, and any other actions on them. The information in the cookies is encrypted, and the company takes precautions to ensure that only its computers or someone on its behalf can read and understand the information stored in them.


6.4 The services may also use third-party cookies – for example Google cookies such as those embedded using Google Analytics, which help us adjust the browsing or usage experience for you, and draw statistical insights regarding all uses of the services, for more information about these cookies you can find On Google's website at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/technologies/ads/ and in Facebook's cookie policy at https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/.

  1. Information security

7.1 For your attention, any entry to the website that is made using your identifying information (for example – your customer order number) (including any personal information provided while using them) will be considered as an entry made by you, and you release the company and anyone on its behalf from any liability or responsibility for unauthorized use that may be made on behalf of your details, and the results of use as mentioned.

7.2 The company uses accepted information security technologies, and will make a reasonable effort to ensure that the site will be free and clean of 'viruses', 'worms' or 'Trojan horses'. The company will operate and apply procedures accepted in the market (including encryption techniques) to secure your personal information against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. However, it is known that, despite the above, this does not provide absolute security in relation to the information you provide to the company (whether it is actually saved in the company's information systems or whether it is saved and stored by a cloud provider/s).

7.3 Therefore, it is your responsibility to take basic protective measures on your computer or the end device you use (including installing anti-virus software, locking your computer, changing passwords, etc.), in order to protect your personal information.

  1. Saving information, the right to review, correct and delete information

8.1 As a rule, your personal information or about you will be kept in the company's database(s) for the period of time necessary for the company to provide the services requested by you, as the case may be, and as long as the company has a legitimate need or a legal or other obligation to keep it according to any law. Anonymous information will be stored in the company's information systems indefinitely (as long as this is not prohibited by any law).

8.2 You are entitled to review the information about him kept by the company. The applicant to review such information shall apply in writing for this, the company will allow any user whose information is saved, to request to review this information. A user interested in perusing the aforementioned information should send a mail to the company's offices or send an email to the address pratiyut@srvpro.com

8.3 A user who has reviewed the information about him kept by the company and finds that it is not correct, complete, accurate or updated, may ask the company to correct or delete the information by contacting the company's offices by mail or by email to the address pratiyut@srvpro.com

8.4 In order to eliminate doubt that the transfer of a request for the correction or deletion of the aforementioned information does not oblige the company to act in accordance with the user's request. Personal information necessary for the company to continue managing its business and/or necessary for a legitimate purpose such as defending against lawsuits (and everything, as necessary) will continue to be kept by the company for the time required by law.


  1. The duration of holding the information

9.1 We take adequate measures to ensure that the information in our possession is reliable for the purpose of its use, as well as accurate and complete as required in order to implement the purpose of this privacy policy. We will keep information about you for the period of time necessary to ensure the purposes detailed in this privacy policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

9.2 Information necessary for us to manage our business, including documentation of actions you performed in connection with the website and/or services or for the purpose of continuing to provide services in the future, will continue to be kept by us according to law.

  1. Miscellaneous

10.1 The company is entitled to change the privacy policy at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. The binding and determining version of the privacy policy is the version published on the website at the time of the relevant use.

10.2 Insofar as it is determined by a court and/or other agreed authority that any provision of the privacy policy is illegal or valid, the aforementioned provision will be adapted to the requirements of the law in a manner that preserves its original purpose and meaning and will not be canceled and/or modified to damage, detract or to further change the terms of the privacy policy.

  1. Contact and inquiries

If you have any questions or requests regarding your personal data or about our privacy practices and privacy policy, you can contact the companies' privacy representative at the email address: pratiyut@srvpro.com, and/or via phone number 03-5598555.